PetMate and the Sharing Economy

The Sharing Economy is a socio-economic ecosystem built around the sharing of human and physical resources. It includes the shared creation, production, distribution, trade and consumption of goods and services by different people and organisations

How do we use this model for PetMate?

Maarten: “The idea is that when you are going from point A to B for your work or any other reason, why not take a package along? From a couple of cars in a courier company’s fleet, we are expanding our resources to millions of people who have a vehicle.” – See more at The Straits Times – April 2015.

PetMate sharing economy model

How does this help you and your pet?

You love to bring your pet out, or sometimes you need to visit the vet. With PetMate it is so much easier to arrange for transportation.

We just help you find another Pet-friend who is going in the same direction as your are.

And if you have a car and  are available from time to time. Why not give a ride to a fellow pet-owner.

The PetMate Story

Once upon a time, there was a group of good-hearted pet owners with lovely pets. These pets came in different shapes, sizes and forms. The thing they had in common was their loving owners who wanted nothing but the best for their furry friends. Sending them to get a haircut, have a spa treatment, or go play at the park… anything to make them happy.

These pet owners had a community of like-minded friends with furry companions. After a while, they realized how difficult it was to get around the island without your own transport. Booking a cab was also difficult at times because not every driver wanted to have furry passengers. As friends, those who drove often took turns fetching one another’s pets from place to place.

Pool Of Pet-Friendly Drivers

Woof! Why not start a pool of exclusively pet-friendly drivers, who knows exactly how to transport pets on demand? If people can order personal drivers on demand like Uber, why can’t pet owners do the same?

But there is always “pet taxis”, you say. Sure, but most of them require advance booking, charge a premium flat rate no matter where the pet goes, and transport many pets at a time… Do you really want your pet to spend so much time in a vehicle?

Book Your Own Driver

With PetMate, you can book your personal pet driver on the very same day, and only pay for the distance your pet travels. Feel like going to the beach with your dog on a lovely day? Your cat isn’t feeling well and needs to go to the vet but you’re already running late for work? Don’t worry, PetMate’s here! Just go to our website or app, tell us what you need, and a driver will be dispatched to you at the time you designated. We even arrange return trips for you!

We are committed to getting your pet, together with yourself, from location to location. Safe, Fast, with love.

So, that’s the story of PetMate. Want to be a part of this revolutionary furry transportation? Follow Ben on Instagram and Facebook to find out what’s going on at PetMate.