Official Corporate Partner Of SOSD 2015


Petmate is proud to announce that we are the new corporate partner of SOSD (Save Our Street Dogs) Singapore!

Our contribution to Singapore stray dogs

Many of you probably already have heard of SOSD’s excellent contribution to the stray dog community. Their efforts have been monumental in the area of animal welfare in Singapore and they are well known as the voice for mongrels in society. They started of as a group of volunteers feeding strays, rescuing and fostering innocent animals that have been dealt an unfair hand in life.

Their mission is “to eliminate cruelty and abandonment of animals, enhancing their welfare, and improve the lives of animals and humans, through rescue, education and advocacy.” They strive to save street dogs and give them another chance at a good life, mainly through

1. Advocacy & Education

2. Rescue & Rehoming

3. Sterilisation for Humane Population Control

To find our more about their excellent cause, visit

How PetMate is involved

SOSD is organizing a charity run for Dogs and owners to participate together! The Light up your life run is happening 3rd October 2015, 5pm-11pm, East Coast Park Singapore.

PetMate is the official transport partner for the run

For every trip booked using the discount code : petmatexsosd, 10% goes to SOSD operations. The discount code is valid from now till the end of the year.

Parking will be a challenge at East Coast Park, so participants are encouraged to take a Petmate! Our friendly drivers will fetch you and your furry family to the run at a scheduled time, and come back for you when you are done! Easy peasy.

Your days of booking a cab and persuading the taxi uncle to take your pet are over. Petmate takes you anywhere around sunny Singapore, efficiently, comfortably, and affordably. Trips start from $27.

To enquire, call/whatsapp Donna at 9889 2774, or email

See you soon!


PetMate’s Mobile App


Hey folks! It has been a really busy month for us at PetMate because we are in the process of forming exciting new partnerships, collaborations, ideas and seeing how we can contribute back to the animal world.

One of the major things that we will launch in August is our mobile app!

What’s the app about you say?

The smoothness of your means of transportation is important! It can screw up your day. It affects how you get to work, how you get home after a long day. A difficult commute can totally spoil your mood. You get to work feeling crabby and after a long day you just want to go home as fast as possible and unwind. As far as possible, you hope your ride comes on time, the journey is air conditioned, and the fastest route possible taken.

This applies to your pets too. We understand how important they are to you, pets are part of your family.

Why shouldn’t their transport be just as easy and comfortable as yours?

At PetMate, we totally get that. We are all about making the process as smooth as possible so you have time for the more meaningful things in life; spending time with your pets.

The PetMate mobile app helps you to easily book a comfortable ride for your pet (and you).

Need a ride to the vet or dog park? No problem. When taking your pet out, the last thing you want to worry about is how to get there, and home safely. You don’t want to be waiting at the side of the road for a cab that might not be pet friendly especially when it is hot!

Technology continues to revolutionize the way we work, move, and interact with one another.

Smartphones are changing the game. What our app will allow you to do on both Android and iPhone:

  1. On demand booking of pet taxis, anywhere in Singapore.
  2. Real time GPS tracking of your pet’s location and photo uploads prior to departure and upon arrival at destination
  3. Secure payment transactions
  4. Saving you and your pet’s profile details if you wish to, so you don’t have to always enter the same information twice.
  5. Drivers make direct stops, this means NO leaving pets unattended in hot cars. Ever.

Sneak Peek of what the app will look like below! While we are refining the design, this is basically its main functions.

Petmate mobile app