The story behind the pet taxi rates…


It’s been a full month since the PetMate pet taxi service has officially launched in Singapore, and so far we have seen overwhelmingly positive responses from all PetMate riders.

Our customers have used PetMate to help transport their pets to visit the vet, go to the grooming store, stay overnight at a pet hotel, going for a swim at a pet-friendly pool, attend large-scale pet events, etc.

pet taxi rates to transport your furry friend
We had the pleasure of sending Psy to Sunny Heights for a swim one afternoon…look at him all happy and excited!!

What about the pet taxi rates?

As PetMate continues to improve our service to cater to specific needs and requirements of our customers, we would like to address some of your burning questions regarding our rates.

We understand that our rates have been one of the main concerns with many of you who are considering trying the PetMate service for the very first time, and so we’d like to give you a better insight into what PetMate offers and what our current customers have been saying about us!

What is included in the pet taxi rate?

  • Fully dedicated service: PetMate offers a very dedicated pet taxi service to one pet owner at a time. If you make a booking with PetMate, a car and a pet-friendly driver will be solely at your service. We do not have any pit stop during your ride to pick up other pets.
  • Flexible time & place: Since we do not operate with a scheduled route like most of the pet taxi services available in town, we are fully flexible to accommodate to your time at any island-wide location. As long as you indicate clearly where and when your pet(s) would like to be picked up and dropped off, our driver will show up at the designated location on time.
  • Well-trained & attentive drivers: Who are the PetMate drivers? PetMate drivers are either pet owners or had prior experience handling pets. All new drivers are required to go through an intense interview plus training sessions to ensure their ability to provide safe and comfortable journeys. If you need help carrying or moving your pet to the vehicle, our driver is always more than happy to help as well.
  • Fulfilling special requirements: Does your pet have special needs when traveling in a pet taxi? So far, PetMate drivers have successfully fulfilled customized requests such as opening the backseat window to let the dog sticks its head out on the ride, placing plastic sheets on the floor, and driving slowly and steadily for easily-nervous dogs.
  • No additional charge for multiple pets & human passengers: Currently there is no extra charge incurred for transporting multiple dogs and human passengers. The only thing you need to do is to make sure the number of passengers is clearly noted in the booking, and that the entire party will be able to fit into a standard-size car/SUV.

pet taxi rates to transport your furry friendpet taxi rates to transport your furry friend

What our customers are saying about us…

At PetMate, we are always striving to provide the best transportation experience. That’s why we ask all customers to help us complete a short survey after their rides to give us their comments and suggestions on ways we can improve. We’d like to share some of their feedback with you…

Aileen wrote:

I saw an article on PetMate on FB yesterday. When I read that the minimum charge for a one-way trip is $27 and a round-trip could go up to $60 – $70, I thought I wouldn’t want to use your service. However, due to an emergency today, I had to bring my girl to the vet alone. I wasn’t able to book a cab, so I decided to try out Pet Mate. Initially, I thought a round-trip costing $49.05 is too high, but I had no choice, so I went ahead to book. After trying out the service, I feel that although the cost is $19 more than advance booking 2 cabs (for a round trip), it is money well-spent. The driver assigned to me, Mr Chua, is very helpful. He was willing to help me load the pet carrier (which is like 20kg with my girl inside) onto his car and unload it when I reached the destination and my home. He was also willing to accommodate to my return trip time as I was not sure how long I would take at the vet. In future, if I need to bring my girl to the vet alone, I would definitely use PetMate again.

Cheryl wrote:

My driver was very attentive( punctual and was accommodative and flexible with the timing. Highly recommended!!!

Tina wrote:

Matthew drove me and was fantastic. I have recommended to many online and hope to go on many more trips with my dog!

I would like to try out the service

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